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SAP Evaluations

Our Return to Work Process

  1. Request this SAP on Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

  2. Comprehensive face-to-face/virtual clinical SAP assessment.

  3. Recommendations made for treatment and or course of education.

  4. Recommendations made for treatment and or course of education.

  5. Face-to-face/virtual follow up evaluation to determine compliance of initial evaluation, recommended treatment, and or course of education.

  6. Final report provided to employer for follow-up drug and/or alcohol testing and aftercare plan.

Mental Health Evaluations

Mental Health Evaluations from Key Diversions LLC can provide you with the professional help you need to ensure that your mental health is where it needs to be.

We perform:

  • Mental Health Evaluations
  • Drug and Alcohol Evaluations
  • Anger Management Evaluations
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Case Management

Key Diversions we make the second chance that you deserve a possibility. You'll experience an accepting and positive environment with no judgment through our virtual evaluations. Don't hesitate to call today

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